Sunday’s roses and Home Made Creeps rescue us from ghastly Netflix Creepy Tales!


It seemed like Netflix was giving all its faithful viewers a new treat in Creepy Land, with Dark, a gruesome tale of murder, ghosts, lost, kidnapped and missing children etc. from Germany. But alas it was too predictable and did not hold my interest. Instead, it reminded me about all those marvellous dark, disturbing and very addictive thrillers that we could never have enough of – the Wallander tales, even if the same detective was featured by three different actors!

FSCN6790 (1)DSCN5848

This is nowhere near Wallander and was easy to put away as I made a three minute microwave strawberry cake which turned out perfect!

Then I tried to watch another creepy documentary about Gay Talese meeting an extremely irksome and ghastly motel owner who spent his entire life snooping and spying over his guests as they had sex. This could not hold my interest for more than five minutes! I could not decide who was more pitiful and painful and stupid – the motel owner or the journalist! Awful waste of time! So it was back to roses and bearable creepy furry angels inside the house itself!

want me to make you some soup to survive motel creeps and Gay Tales? where is the catnip?
If you expect us to cook you are totally mistaken!


3 thoughts on “Sunday’s roses and Home Made Creeps rescue us from ghastly Netflix Creepy Tales!

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