Samsung India Electronics ordered to refund Rs. 56,900 to Mysore consumer who got a defective mobile

DSCN2683Harshavardhana P. of Mysore had bought a Samsung Galaxy Note-4 mobile from Asian Telecom and Television Mysore in 2014. But after three months of use it kept giving him problems by hanging and heating up and not getting charged. He even paid up Rs. 3258 for extra warranty. But both Samsung and the dealer did not solve the problem and caused him endless trouble by neither repairing the mobile nor refunding his money,

He finally complained to the Mysore consumer forum and its President Sri H.M. Shivakumara ordered Samsung India Electronics and Asian Telecom & Television Mysore to refund Rs. 56,900 to Harshvardhana P. with Rs. 15,000 as compensation and Rs. 2000 as costs within a month of receiving the court order.









his problem and the mobile kept giving him


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