The Magical Turkey who came to Dinner!

The Magical Turkey who came to Dinner!




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In the wild turkeys are lovely animals, smart and swift, who have been clocked at twenty-five miles per hour on the ground running and who can fly up to a magnificent fifty-five miles per hour over short distances! But the fate of the poor “domesticated” or genetically engineered factory farm bird who cannot walk more than a few steps because of an unnaturally enlarged breast, is horrible, says Ingrid Newkirk in her book Making Kind Choices.


She says “what we do to turkeys should embarrass us to death. They have excellent hearing and a 270-degree field of vision. Hunters find it difficult to catch them so these cowardly bullies hide in camouflaged blinds and use “turkey callers” to draw turkeys to them with a cry that mimics the sound of other turkeys!

But here is a wonderful true tale to warm our hearts. It shows there are angels on this earth even for turkeys! They have this wonderful turkey dinner at Thanksgiving to spare a bird. For their turkey dinner, they invite a tame rescued turkey to the table as a guest of honor, rather than putting him on it, and inviting journalists to film the bird’s excitement and curiosity as he watches the feast and mingles with the other diners!

DSCN8352 (1)


If this is not real and tender magic, what is?!!! This happened to a person named Sam Garcia of Miami, Florida who took a live turkey home for the holidays to be put on the table to feast. But his children had other plans! His family now could not relish eating “a personable bird who likes children and gobbles back when you speak to him.” Now Sam says “At first I called him dinner, but now we call him our pal.”


The book Making Kind Choices shows us everyday ways to enhance your life through earth-and-animal-friendly living.

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