Roses check the temperature of temptations…


DSCN4663Roses are the last choice in the whole world

One would think, to fill up that hole in the

soul that could easily accommodate a very

Obese hippopotamus, with sofas to spare to

DSCN4663 (1)

Take in three rhinos if they have the time to

Visit! And yet, roses disprove this theory by

Doing the weirdest things! They take on the

Uncomfortable skin of that matron in boarding


School who always brought me hot milk with

A spoonful of turmeric that always soothed

A sore throat and healed a cold by the morning

Besides it warmed a heart aching for mother

And home made food. Roses follow up this

Matronly nurturing by copying that black mother


Cat with three kittens who once came in a dream

To advice me on how to deal with an awful

Work problem. She tucked her kittens up

Inside three different cubby holes in my home

So they would be safe from small toddlers

Who had arrived on a visit and were really

Enter a caption

Bothering her! I decided to try out her trick

Tackled three different senior editors, and gave

A different investigative story to each of them

so all had a chance to be used sooner or later!

Roses also become that librarian of lustrous


Luminous choices, and nudge me towards

Reading Emily Dickinson’s poetry instead

Of watching much of the underwhelming

Stock of thrillers Netflix and Amazon Prime

Are unloading upon us almost every week now

Enter a caption

Roses take in the temperature of temptations

And put in their findings with firm instructions

To water the garden, leave nothing to the Cat

Gardeners who look more diligent than they

Are, and eat up all the lemon grass and the

Enter a caption

Spider plants, as if they are desserts for lunch

And finally, roses remind me to buy more of

The spider plants and more of the lemon grass

And make peace with the cat gardeners as they

Respond in kind with their own Peace Purrs!




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