Dark days washed away with Clueless Angel!


feeding ducks 051

Whenever the blue clouds in my sky suddenly unfurl into a stone grey and icy raincoat foretelling rain, they put Clueless firmly inside my heart. She was a granite grey and white cat I met at a friend’s cat shelter. And I always felt that she was too angelic to handle!

Clueless got her name because she had a very puzzled look on her face, almost always! Besides that she was all too often pregnant! Every four or five months on or so it seemed, Clueless would deliver four to eight kittens, and feed them and care for them like an over zealous angel. What was more, she was always willing to take in the stray motherless kittens that arrived suddenly and often from the streets where they had been deserted or dumped.


Because my friend did not believe in spaying or neutering, alas, the cats were always delivering! A few unhappy experiences with spaying going wrong with some animal welfare group, had made him stop as he felt guilty about risking their lives.


Clueless would take in each new kitten with a ferocious love, and keep it safe along with her own brood, feed it, wash it and cuddle it. I can’t even remember how many motherless kittens she saved! But I often went to meet her when I was squelching through a quagmire of something or the other that seemed too dark, too dreary, too difficult to deal with at once.


Then I sat on the terrace and watched Clueless happily fending for her babies and the orphans she made her own. The joy that blossomed around her soon made my problems seem too small and silly and idiotic and I let myself sink into the solemn serenity that this tender cat of charcoal and white tinted fur always gifted me. And very often after taking in her cloud of cuddlesome motherhood, I found that my woes had just slithered away like rats fleeing from cats.



Then I began to think about Clueless herself and how she seemed only to be doing something for her kittens or for other abandoned ones. But what could I do to gift her something for washing off my very own grime with her radiance? The answer came when I got a large bag full of dry catnip from my sister in Atlanta. She picked up several packets from good old Wallmart, each costing half a dollar and mailed them to me! The effect on the terrace was astounding! The cats fell upon the treasure like maddened felines! I was always grateful to Wallmart and so were the terrace cats!


As for Clueless she went totally batty! She rolled over and over and over and could not believe this bliss that came out of dry leaves, instead of kittens! After that, this cement grey and white cat would arrive at the gates of the house to catch me before I went upstairs to the terrace cats, to get a large chunk of her catnip first! Finally I felt that Clueless had got her share of gold from the universe! And it felt really nice for once to see this over worked nursemaid as a small, drunken, happy little cat!


She taught me over every other cat I knew, the joys of being angelic sometimes, by fending for the small and the defeated, but also of finally caring for myself too!







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