Anagha Scanning Centre Mysore shocks couple with wrong diagnosis of their baby: ordered to pay compensation


Mahesh, a resident of Mysore had taken his pregnant wife Madevi to the Anagha Scanning Centre in Mysore, to get a scanning test done as advised by their doctor. The Centre’s Superintendent and Dr. Santosh V.R. Consultant Radiologist working with this centre took three scanning tests of the mother, Madevi and gave them reports which assured them that they were going to have a healthy baby.

But the couple was shocked to find that the tests were wrong as their baby was born with severe deformities. They complained to the Mysore consumer disputes redressal forum about the negligence and deficient service of the Anagha Scanning Centre for assuring them after all the three scanning sessions that the growth of the baby in the mother’s womb was normal. The tests had failed to disclose the real condition of the fetus, and the infirmity in its growth, they learned.


The consumer forum found the Anagha Scanning Centre guilty of deficiency in service and held that it had not disclosed the true facts to the couple. It ordered the Centre and their doctor, Dr. Santosh V.R. consultant, to pay up Rs. 3,00,000 as compensation along with Rs. 5000 as costs failing which they would face imprisonment.




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