Ivy lures birds into the garden…

Ivy makes a good climber to lure birds into your garden!


Any holiday in London never ends without gifting me this inner enchanted island made up of ivy magic! On my first five or even ten trips there, many years ago, the local people looked astonished to find me picking up ivy cuttings from wherever I could get them. They even donated their own stock to me, since it is so plentiful there. But alas none of the cuttings came up in India! I now buy ivy here as it is available in a few designs and colours.

In London now I just enjoy its designs and patterns and its faithful reliability to be always there to gawk at! Either it covers up houses like a very gorgeous dark green dress, sometimes a pale yellow, green and white tunic, often turning a garden ledge into a serene necklace, or a window into a secretive love letter.


But best of all Ivy, Hedera helix is a good five star plant for birds, as the berries carry on right through winter when food is short. It is also a good cover for nesting!

IMG_1569IMG_7263 - Version 11 – Version 14


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