Small lives spill out the greatest courage in harrowing times…Bhopal rape case


The 19 year old girl in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, was returning from a tuition class when she was grabbed by four thugs and repeatedly raped for three hours, and left to die. But she first went to the nearest police station to complain and then to her home.

But it took another 24 hours for the traumatized family to even file the complaint. They had to run from one police station to another, because they were told that the incident had not occurred in their jurisdiction! But according to the law, a senior police officer said the complaint should have been taken immediately, no question of jurisdiction being decided.

But instead, one of the officers brutally commented that ‘’this is a false filmy complaint” and another said the family were cooking up the story.

The girl and her mother then saw two of the rapists near one of the police stations, and with a scuffle and help from others, managed to catch them and took them to the station after which the police were forced to do their work!

The girl’s mother is herself a cop! She told the press about the horrible time they had as they suffered police rudeness, negligence, crude, nasty, comments, arrogance and total disinterest in their agony. She said “it was the worst experience of my life.”

If the police could treat a cop in this way, what about others coming for help she wondered.

After the incident became known, five police officers have been suspended and three of the four thugs are in custody.

The suspended officials were GRP (Habibganj) police station in-charge Mohit Saxena, MP Nagar station in-charge Sanjay Singh Bais and Habibganj (city) police station in-charge Ravindra Yadav. Sub-inspectors R N Tekam (MP Nagar) and Bhawani Prasad Uikey (GRP Habibganj) were also suspended and CSP (MP Nagar zone) Kulvant Singh was transferred to the police headquarters.

Madhya Pradesh continues to be one of the most unsafe and dangerous places for women in the country as one woman is raped in the central state almost every two hours.

Data submitted in the state legislative assembly in February this year shows 11 women were raped every day and six gang-raped almost every week in Madhya Pradesh between February 1, 2016, and mid-February 2017.

In this ghastly occurrence revealing frightening police apathy and a totally unsafe state for women, the only shining nugget comes from the sturdy courage and persistence of the young girl who despite her harrowing ordeal went from one pathetic pitiful police station to another, from one creepy, callous, cop to another, and not only did their job, of nabbing two of the thugs, but also filed her complaint!


Daksha hathi




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