Heartrending courage stumbles out of dark terrifying ordeal of young Bhopal girl….

November 4, 2017


The day was suddenly swollen with darkness at this news – a 19 year old girl going home at seven in Bhopal was gang raped by four men and left under a bridge. But the small nugget of hope out of yet another hole in our country’s safety net, is that the broken, battered and mangled girl picked herself up after her horrifying ordeal, went home, and then amazingly, with her father, went and caught two of the rodents, the rapists, and took them to the police station.


The police in local police stations were as heinous as the rapists, and refused to file their complaint, till they finally had to do it with pressure from activists and a fiercely insistent women’s group.

The police sub inspector too has been suspended for not doing his job. Then two more of the rapists were caught and are now all behind bars, facing most probably a death sentence.


But more than anything else, from the sewer of this horrifying ordeal, a very young girl’s courage shines out, like a jewel. Also to admire, are her parents who stood by her, did not hide the ordeal and helped to catch the creeps. There is some hope in India still: that courage and perseverance still work to fight wrongs…




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