Sony India sells bad Bravia LED television & ordered to pay up Rs. 20,000 to Mangalore buyer

It is much better to mess around with books than to waste money on a Sony Bravia LED television!

Mervin D’Souza had bought a Sony Bravia LED television for the festival, from Mr. Harsha of the Navarathan Complex in Mangalore. He paid up Rs. 28,300 for the television and was coaxed to pay up another Rs. 3349 to get an extended 3 year warranty.

Unfortunately, within three months the picture quality began to drop steadily and finally all that could be seen were blurred figures on the screen! He could not enjoy the new television with his guests and family during the festival.

He complained to the Navarathan Complex owner Mr. Harsha who sent a repair man to deal with the problem. The repair man surprisingly did not even open up the television to check it out. Instead he just took a picture of the Sony Bravia and told Mervin that there was internal damage in it which would cost him Rs. 10,000 to be solved! Even worse, he informed Mervin that this would not come under the 3 year warranty and he would have to pay up for the repairs!


The furious Mervin wrote to Sony India Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi and Bangalore from where it had arrived, and also to Harsha, the local seller of the bad television. They all claimed that he had somehow spoilt the television and would have to pay for the repairs inspite of having paid the three year warranty!

He complained to the Mangalore consumer disputes redressal forum and its Member Lavanya M. Rai and its President Visweshwara Bhat found Sony India, New Delhi and Bangalore and Harsha of Mangalore guilty of severe deficiency in service and ordered them to provide a brand new good LED Sony Bravia television of the same kind, and also to pay him Rs. 20,000 for mental agony caused to him along with Rs. 5000 as costs.


Daksha hathi



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