Want to be a Green Cook like me? Attend this quick class!

Want to be a Green Cook like me?


  1. Energy gets wasted without our knowledge in the kitchen. If you have only a tiny dish of dinner or lunch to cook, then the microwave will be the green choice. Or use a small vessel on a small hob.
  2. The small hob will use less energy than the oven.
  3. Did you know that frying is better than grilling? The grill gobbles up too much energy, most of it wasted out into the room. Fry in a good pan with a small amount of oil.
  4. Using the toaster is even better than using the grill!


  1. Boiling or steaming are just as quick or even quicker than the microwave to cook vegetables from scratch for anything more than one person. Recently I have begun to use my cooker much more than the microwave as it is healthier as well.
  2. Steaming is a very good option for vegetables, fish and chicken too.
  3. In summer change your menu to more cold no-cook meals to save energy. Try out all kinds of salads, cold soups, juices etc.
  4. Always boil up only the amount of water you really need – a minimal amount for vegetable cooking, and just enough for that mug of tea. You can save a lot on your electricity bills!



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