How to shop for the planet!

Green Shopping Tips


  1. Make smaller frequent trips for fresh items to nearer/local shops.
  2. A list will stop you from making impulse purchases and later waste!
  3. Try to avoid imported oranges, grapes and other fruits, especially when you find local ones which are fresher and much cheaper and healthier!
  4. Avoid waste when tempted by ‘reduced’ items on sale. A 5 kg bag of apples or oranges, or grapes is not good value for you or for the planet if most of it will spoil!
  5. Buy items with the furthest-away sell-by or use-by date that you can find! In a supermarket they will be right at the back of the shelf behind the oldest products, which the shelf-stackers will want to sell first. With stacked trays of vegetables, fruit and salads, they will be the ones in the bottom of the stack.
  6. Buy seasonal items in quantity if they will store well: onions, squashes, root vegetables) freeze (raspberries, blackcurrents) make into sauces, or soups, (tomatoes, leeks) to freeze, can be bottled (many items) or turned into drinks, or can be divided with friends.
  7. Try not to take kids shopping as they will make you do the wrong shopping for brightly coloured, packaged items of junk food!
  8. Look at your trolley carefully before paying: remove what you feel is not needed and not a wise choice!

From: The Green Food Bible: Judith Wills



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