Fresh fruit facts & greener eating!

Fresh fruit fact & More Green Tips


  1. 25 per cent of all the fresh fruit that we buy goes rotten in the fruit bowl rather than being eaten! So buy less!
  2. Used water can be re-used to water plants even if it contains washing up liquid.
  3. Juice: it takes around 16 oranges to produce a litre of pure juice, and 22 litres of water in production.


  1. It also takes around 900 litres of water for irrigation. Eighty per cent of orange juice drunk in Europe comes from Brazil. For every tonne consumed, at least 25 tonnes of materials are used up. The whole fruit plus a glass of tap water would be the better, greener choice!
  2. One estimate likens the global-warming impact of one cow to that of a four-wheel-drive car in average use for a day! So cut down on meat!

from: The Green Food Bible: Judith Wills

Version 2


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