The Man in the High Castle rattles your bones in Amazon Prime bringing you Hitler back on a platter!


Ridley Scott’s science fiction thriller The Man in the High Castle ignites the screen on Amazon Prime! This fresh new offering after all those endless odious, repetitive, yawningly boring vampires and zombies and their tribes is the best thing that happened for those of us who are not fans of that blood-sucking planet!


Based on Philip K. Dick’s award winning book this stunningly acted, created and mounted television event chillingly confirms the fact that Hitler in any form, is still able to pull our bones out of our skins to make them rattle all around us!


The premise is that Hitler won the war over the allies and is now ruling North America with the help of the Japanese and his own army of Nazis! The Swastika glitters gruesomely all over New York’s magnificent structures, and the opening credits theme of Edel Weiss has never sounded so frightening!


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While I was not able to keep watching The Robot, which is highly praised, The Man in the High Castle was unnerving, unsettling and hard to move away from. The intelligent chiller has very good actors, and a story that slams you with the dread of 1960’s America strangled, mangled and tangled with an ageing Hitler’s henchmen, and also staggering under the weight of ruthless Japanese rulers!


Besides making you want to quickly grab up the book by Philip K. Dick, you also feel that this enthrallingly created, detailed and doomed dreary and derailed world, on television will make all other tv series seem less engaging! Not worth bothering about!

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