When eerie becomes exquisite with Billy Bob Thornton and William Hurt in Goliath in Amazon Prime!


I had been eagerly waiting for the third television series of Fargo and waited in vain! Then Amazon Prime gifted me John Le Carre’s new thriller The Night Manager in a mesmerizing mini packet of eight episodes.


Then I fell upon the 5th episode of The Suits, always fulfilling, always making me want to become a savvy lawyer! Then last night, as I checked out Amazon Prime I was very pleased to discover Goliath starring Billy Bob Thornton! And to add to this treat, there was William Hurt, playing a truly unnerving lawyer of a rich and rotten law firm! The first episode was very fulfilling and along with Thornton and Hurt, there were other very good actors, including an adorable dog.


This series promises to be as good as the first television Fargo where Billy Bob Thornton makes us all quake a little with his malicious turn as a creepy Fargo malignancy. Here he plays the good guy, also very engagingly, while William Hurt gives you the chills! This is one series no one can afford to miss!

FSCN1379 (1)


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