Floor cleaner to fight fleas living on your cat’s fur

Try this floor cleaner for making fleas flee from your cat


  1. Flea-eliminator floor cleaner

You will need: one tablespoon of liquid dish soap.

Four lemons sliced thin.

5 drops of pennyroyal (from health food store)

one gallon very warm water.


Place the sliced lemons in a medium saucepan, cover with cold tap water and allow them to simmer on low heat for one hour. Remove the juice from the lemons and strain well. Place the juice into a bucket and add the soap, pennyroyal and water. Mix the solution well before applying with a damp sponge mop. Allow the floor to dry before rinsing with a clean damp sponge mop.


Vitamin B can coax fleas to avoid your cat. Put it on a Vitamin B diet. From: The Buggy Professor’s Club the Bugs & Scare the Critters: Dr. Myles H. Bader.



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