Eerie enthralling poisoned chocolates spill out of The Night Manager from John Le Carre in Amazon Prime


If I was in the mood for some magic,

And who isn’t? it was waiting for me

In Amazon Prime I found out when

A guest turned it on for me to try out

Free for a month. As I browsed greedily


I was happy to find Mr. Robot that I had

Heard so much about and had been eager

To try out. It has won many awards and

The actor Rami Malek also very addictive


Now vetted my appetite even more when

He appeared in a gruesome thriller in

Netflix called Buster’s Mal Heart. I thought


I would start my one month binge with this

New actor. But then there was Jack Reacher

With Tom Cruise proving his critics wrong

With their smug assertion that having turned

Fifty and more he would not be able to do

Those mind-blowing stunts and other very


Athletic capers any more. Though he does

Look older, even a little chubbier around

That boyish look, he is still very watchable!

There were two new stories about Reacher

Waiting to be enjoyed. But in Amazon Prime’s

Chocolate box of treats, there were more Lindt


Chocolates, the only ones I can never resist!

These included a rich stock of movies about

Byomkesh Bakshi, that delightful private detective

From Bengal, created by the writer Saradindu

Bandopadhyay, who solved eerie and very

Spine chilling murders in the 1930’s, and helped

The local police, just like Sherlock Holmes!


These mysteries which are available even in You

Tube do not have subtitles so it will be a relief

To watch them on Amazon Prime which gives

The subtitles for all of us who may not know

Bengali. But then came the biggest Lindt

Chocolate in the Box. It was the Night

Manager, a television mini series stunningly




Around John Le Carr’s thriller! And who

Can compete with this awesome writer?

Besides it has Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie

And Olivia Colman in it. I gave this the highest

Rating of all the chocolates waiting to be eaten


In the Amazon Prime Time packet of desserts.

The older John Le Carre gets, the more addictive

His thrillers become! The chillers are always

Freshly concocted, always new, always real!

And even as you dig in, deliriously, you try

To learn how to write or at least try to write

P1130878 (1)

A Le Carre kind of superior grindingly good

Chiller. Crammed with the dread, the details of the

Derailment, the disturbances and distortions

Spilling out of the nastiest human manure of

Malice, greed, menace and cruelty. Every other

tv thriller Falls down alongside this mini series.

Or so it Seems. You find yourself every other minute


Just short of a small heart attack! The poisoned

shit that tumbles out of a Le Carr world is always

Invigorating and ghastly enough to take the

breath away from you like the most rotten

Rattlesnake in the world. It is like discovering


An island of magic or one covered with Lindt

Chocolates! That you can keep on eating up!

The next chocolate will probably be Sully!





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