The Green Fact File

The Green Fact File


  1. For every bottle you recycle, you save enough equivalent energy to make two cups of tea!
  2. According to WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme, every two hours the UK produces enough waste to fill the Royal Albert Hall, and kitchen waste accounts for at least 20 per cent of all waste!
  3. Items such as tinfoil can often be smoothed out and re-used.
  4. Bottles from bought water can be re-used filled with tap water.
  5. Fan ovens use around 20 per cent less energy than conventional ovens.
This might seem weird but I am just a Green Kitty
  1. Gas ovens are up to three times more efficient than conventional electric hobs.
  2. Cookers are ideal for green cooking!
  3. Frying is better than grilling. The grill uses much more energy. Fry in a good pan with a tiny amount of oil.
  4. Steaming is a very good choice for many types of dishes.
  5. Using the toaster is better than grilling.



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