5 thoughts on “Solitude’s Gardener….

      1. We must tell them that you have a friend who has a shelter to home and take care of the kitten, a very comfy and safe place, and convince them that it is better if the little cat go there 🙂


      2. Yes Sid, and there are three or four of them there! I found another little one, a white kitty with small yellow patches on her. My friend will take them all in without question. He has shifted away to a new place and I have to visit him soon. Hope they agree to this plan. milk and rice is not good. I took some whole wheat bread which was slightly better but they drank a lot of milk. when they are young they look well but very soon they grow older and then usually wander away so I hope they agree to this plan. it is easier to put them in a box when they are small.

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