Living Without Cruelty’s Raw Vegetable Platter!

Try this delicious vegetable platter with a tomato sauce dip from Living Without Cruelty!


On a large flat platter arrange a bed of washed curly salad greens, leaving the centre free. Arrange on the salad greens clusters of prepared pepper strips, baby corn, button mushrooms, red and green olives, whole cherry tomatoes, and vegetarian Feta cheese slices.

Tomato Sauce

one cup whole earth tomato sauce

one tablespoon tamarind paste

one tablespoon chopped herbs – parsley, basil, dill, Tabasco to taste.

Mix the tomato sauce with the tamarind, then add the chopped herbs and tabasco. If necessary, add a little sea salt. Decorate with more chopped herbs. Serve in a bowl in the centre of the platter of vegetables.

Living Without Cruelty Lorraine Kay

DSCN0933 (1)



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