Morning’s Market Researcher tells you about ‘Sell by Date’ and what it means!

Morning’s Market Researcher!


Many of us may not know what the ‘Sell by’ date means when we shop. This means that food has to be discarded even if it is actually still perfectly edible. The habit of ‘freeganing’ (raiding supermarket waste bins at the end of the day for free food) has become popular because of this, says Judith Wills in her very useful book called The Green Food Bible.


While some supermarkets have a ‘reduced-price’ corner or shelves to sell off as much of this produce as they can, others, such as Marks & Spencer, don’t. They feel that cut-price goods aren’t the right image for them.


This waste can be dealt with when we grow our own produce, don’t have to buy food that is not fresh, and help the planet.


Bottled Water: The Earth Policy Institute of Washington says it would take less than a third of the annual amount spent by consumers on bottled water – some US$100 billion – to achieve the UN’s Millennium Development Goal of halving the number of people without access to safe drinking water by 2015.


What we can do: don’t buy juices from stores. Make your own fresh juices.

Drink tap water, boiled and filtered. Use a water filter. Carry your own clean water from home, everywhere, look away from bottled water, always!



  1. I do agree upon helping the planet by shopping in the best possible way!
    But who’s belong the little meowing guy? To you? Is he alone and feral?
    I am always sad to see stray cats and try to save them: as a matter of fact, I have six cats at home 😀


    • bSid I had gone to the park nursery and there is this Government market where they sell vegetables and fruits. This little girl and three more all the same grey and white, belonged to the man selling fruits there. He feeds them only rice and milk I think. at least on that day they were having this. I plan to go again tomorrow and check up on them! But there were two cats at the fish mongers, one black and one grey and orange who were being fed very good fish by the small boy who owned them. Only thing is they are on the Roadside and I wonder how long they will be safe from the traffic! They have a large garden with a gate but the cats are allowed out which is worrying.

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      • wow! all boys! well the poor people in the market only give the kittens rice and milk and sometimes not even that! if he allows me I want to take them to a friend’s home where he has around a 100 cats on his terrace and feeds them fish and other good foods. the fish seller’s kittens is a problem. cats sooner or later always run out onto the roads and I am still not able to do anything there.

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      • yes he will but unfortunately he does not believe in spaying or neutering, as he has found that often the vets don’t do a good job here. he lost some cats when he had tried it out and so now he refuses it. that is a problem but he prefers to keep them alive!

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