Sony India, Music World Puttur and Core Tech Services Mangalore harass consumer with defective mobile



Mr. Jamaluddhin, of Puttur, had bought a Z2 Sony Mobile Hand Set for Rs.48,990/ from Music World Puttur. But within three days it began to give him problems. The mike did not work and the loud speaker was faulty. He took it to Coretech Services, Bendoor, Mangalore for repairs and they returned it to him after repairs. But the problems kept occuring and finally Coretech Services took it back and neither repaired it nor returned it to him! It also ignored the legal notice he sent to them to get back his costly mobile or a new one. The battery is defective and the MIC has problems. The mobile is a defective one. He had to give it to the shop several times for repairs and also had to pay for the service.


He complained to the D.K. District Consumer Forum Mangalore and its President Lavanya M. Rai found   Sony India Private Ltd. in Delhi, Music World in Puttur and      Coretech Services in Mangalore guilty of deficient service and unfair trade practice. She ordered all three firms to refund Rs.  Rs.36,740/ (Rupees Thirty Six thousand Seven hundred Forty only) to the complainant with Rs. 10,000 as compensation and Rs. 3000 as costs.

It is better to meow than to use a Sony Mobile!







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