Give a healthy kick to goose down quilts!

Horrendous Bedfellows: duvets made from geese and duck misery


Animal abuse is always and sneakily done to keep us unaware as we shop for household goods. Agony hides under many products. How harmful can a feather duvet be with its soft silky down? The fillings of feather duvets come from the slaughter-house, to make that down. The cheaper duvets are often mixtures of duck, usually stated, and ‘feather’ which can mean a mixture containing chicken. The more duck down a duvet contains the more expensive it will be, but even these seem cheap when compared to Hungarian goose down quilts which retail at up to 300 pounds for a double size.


Geese who are raised for down will have all their feathers plucked from their bodies four or five times during their miserable but short lives. It is horribly painful. It is a hundred times worse than having your eyebrows plucked and for what? Geese endure this vicious treatment for an unnecessary product.

The truth is that synthetic alternatives exist which are far cheaper and won’t have taken a helpless goose to hell to make them. They are durable, easier to dry when wet, says Living Without Cruelty.


Please ditch and reject and kick away feather –filled quilts and pillows. From the point of view of Living without Cruelty: Down is Out!



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