bottled water costs up to 10,000 times as much as tap water!

Drinking tap water is still the best green option!


The bad news is that some bottled water companies are now trying to coax us to buy their products claiming that our money will help to sustain the poor in developing countries. But we must remember that there are better ways to help the poor than by making bottled water which depletes the planet ruinously.


Most bottled waters are made of PET which means 27 million tonnes of plastic are used each year worldwide to make water bottles. Every year 22 million tonnes of bottled water are transported between countries, resulting in many thousands of tonnes of greenhouse-gas emissions, says Judith Wills in her book The Green Food Bible.


In the UK tap water is among the safest and purest in the world- and often has a nice taste, especially if cold, she says. The surprising news that emerged from an average cost comparison by Yorkshire Water of a litre of bottled water with a litre of tap water finds that bottled water costs up to 10,000 times as much!

In India boiled and filtered water is the best choice especially since bottled water has often been found to be contaminated.


Remember that fewer than 20 per cent of plastic water bottles are recycled!

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  1. That’s right! And a recent scientific research has tested that bottled water contains plastic traces and residues of the bottles: those are potential carcinogens or mutagens 😦


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