Martin Shaw’s Tahini Vegetable Steamer for Living Without Cruelty!

Martin Shaw’s Tahini Vegetable Steamer for Living Without Cruelty!


Martin Shaw has been enthralling fans in memorable superior television characters such as detective inspector George Gently, the poet and detective Adam Dalgliesh in the unforgettable mysteries by P.D. James, then as the very eccentric powerful Judge John Deed and my favourite: Inspector George Gently.


Now I discovered his recipe for Living Without Cruelty, a delicious Tahini Vegetable Steamer! He recommends this meal for cleansing the system and also for slimming! You can use all the vegetables that you have!


  1. Dice potatoes, kohl rabi, carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, whole button mushrooms, swedes, green and red pepper chunks, green beans, fresh peas, lettuce or spinach leaf ‘parcels’, freshly ground pepper, Tahini (sesame seed spread) Tamari or shoyu (fermented soy) sauce, fresh herbs to serve.
  2. Fill the steamer with all the prepared vegetables except the lettuce/spinach, putting root vegetables in the bottom as they take longer to steam. Season lightly with freshly ground black pepper if liked. Steam for about ten minutes until the vegetables are just tender, not squashy.
  3. After five minutes steaming, add the lettuce/spinach, drain. Return the vegetables to the empty steamer, spoon over tahini to taste and shake shoyu or tamari over them to add colour and flavor. Serve sprinkled with your favourite fresh, chopped herbs!
  4. DSCN5177

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