Angel sighting at the fish shop…

Angel sighting at the Fish Shop



Buying fresh fish for my cats has never been my favourite pastime! Being a vegetarian, all I can handle is eggs! But my cats turn up their noses at eggs and go crazy with joy at the smell of mackerel.

The place where I began to buy their fish was always dirty, crammed with flies, mounds of trash around, and chicken shops where the dreadful horror of seeing chicken and hens crushed together inside nasty little cages, and the pitiful cries of the babies, made fish shopping hell for me. I tried to reason with my cats, to go back to the good old days of bread and milk, or even just store bought cat food but they preferred to show bliss only when fresh mackerel arrived. In fact once when I brought back the scarily expensive seer fish, for them, expecting hugs and kisses they turned up their nose at this and wailed for mackerel.



Well weirdness from cats falls out of every single day, as they bully you about their food habits. Then today I took a long walk in another direction from the usual one leading to old book shops, and discovered a new fish shop. First of all, it was very clean, and only had fish, with none of those shamefully kept chicken stalls near it, and best of all, two kittens or catlets, one grey and orange, the other coal black ornamented its entrance like two free angels and my day climbed joyously up the steps to a tiny heaven.


The tiny cats were adorable and at once began to pose without any begging from me. Then two teenagers walked in, busy with cell phones, twittering inside them endlessly, as they chose their fish. One had a large red badge across her forehead, like a temple circular. Then suddenly, without any warning, she just kicked out at the grey and orange kitten, for no reason at all. She told her friend she did it just to see what the kitten would do!

I was horrified and was unable for once, to mind my own business like I mostly to. Instead I looked her in the face and beseeched her to please stop doing that. “How can you hit someone so gentle, sweet and innocent?” I asked, truly stunned. She smiled then sheepishly and scuttled off with her cell phone, still twittering while the grey and orange tinted kitten looked up at her surprised and still playful, the magic bright inside her eyes, where all animals seem to store it, for us unbelievably pitiful humans.




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