Airtel wins case against unreliable grumbles of consumer!

Airtel wins case against unreliable complaint by consumer


B.V. Mahesh from Bangalore was using the broadband services of Bharathi Airtel India Pvt. Ltd. in his home for business. He complained about a signal problem (internet speed) using his Airtel SIM card in his mobile. It did not work in his home and he wanted Airtel to solve this problem.


When the problem was not solved despite several attempts by Airtel he complained to the IV additional consumer forum Bangalore demanding that it order Airtel to pay him Rs. one lakh and 25,000 as compensation along with Rs. 1 lakh as costs. He claimed that he had even sent legal notices to Airtel which had not helped.

However, during investigations, the consumer forum found that Airtel had done everything in its power to solve the problem. But it was caused by the location of the consumer’s house and if he shifted from there, the problem would not occur. The forum also found that the documents provided by the consumer were not reliable and he did not appear regularly in court to support his complaint.


Airtel proved that if he changed his place to use his SIM card it would work.


Finding the consumer unreliable with the details and documents of his complaint, the Forum President H.Y. Vasanth Kumar dismissed his complaint against Airtel.


Daksha Hathi

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