The Backwards Journal to Happiness

The Flowering Notebook of Happiness


One way to fight a very glum or boring day, or even worse, a severely depressed day, is to wade through our journals! I often handle a horrid day or even a week with tidying up the house. But once, I did not even have the energy to deal with a mop, broom, vaccum cleaner or picking up heavy books. So I just fell into my journals where to my deep surprise happiness waited for me on several pages, and reminded me of long forgotten ways of dealing with a woe or a worry, a pestilential friend, or a neighbor, discovering a new writer or a poet, and best of all, recalling how happy I had been just falling into a deep well of silence!


I decided to layer one truly grotesque day with a patchwork quilt of small, sunny, breathtaking hours that had embraced the emptiness till it began to shine. Bit by bit, the moldy damp and tangled hours had got deleted by surprise solutions, insistent maddening persistence or often a message from dreams that had helped to unravel the stuck page or open the locked door!


Was going crazy today about my story on that ghastly firm selling ‘magical’ mattresses to cheat people, by promising to cure cancer with it, not being used again by the Editor! Then I came home and had a hot bath and made tomato and cheese sandwiches and discovered a brand new mini series from HBO with Frances McDormand and the always cheering Richard Jenkins in HBO’s ‘Olive KitteridgeIt was so good that I forgot everything except the joy of small nuggets inside the home!


2. Today I was upset to find that the fish seller had sold me two bags of mackeral that had gone off! He robbed me of 300 rupees, and even worse, upset the cats who luckily turned up their noses at the fish and alas at me, and ate up store bought cat food!


But then I found a small booklet of Alice Walker’s poetry and was entranced.

Especially this diamond which coaxes you to Be Nobody’s Darling!


Be an outcast.



Take the contradictions of your life and wrap around you like a shawl, to parry stones.


To keep you warm. Be pleased to walk alone (uncool).


3. Mishti’s wound had improved with the new herbal medicine and she came and slept against my foot, as if it was a cool pillow. That was warming.


4. Discovered a new author Elizabeth Strout thanks to the HBO series! Must enjoy her now!




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