Reddington India and Big C Mobiles ignore buyer after selling him a spoilt Black Berry Smart Phone


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Chimakurthy Vamsi Krishna of Prakasam district had

  • purchased a Black Berry Z-10 Smart Phone from BIG C Mobiles Private Limited, 
Shop no.2, 
Jyothi plaza, Ongole, Prakasam district for Rs.18,100/-. But very soon it stopped working causing him a lot of trouble. He took it to Big C Mobiles which took back the cell phone for repairs but after that, forgot all about it. He met them several times to get back his phone but they gave him evasive answers and did not return the phone.
  • He even complained to  Redington India Limited, the distributors for Black Berry phones but even they did not have the courtesy to respond to his complaint.
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He finally complained to the THE DISTRICT CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL FORUM::PRAKASAM DISTRICT AT ONGOLE which found BIG C Mobiles Private Limited guilty of deficient service and ordered it to return the Black Berry repaired to the buyer or give him a new phone of the same model, within a month of receiving its order, failing which it would be imprisoned. The shop was also ordered to pay up Rs. 5000 as compensation to the consumer for causing him mental agony and inconvenience.




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