Micromax ordered to refund money to Tirupati buyer sold a very sick mobile!


Chandu of Tirupati rural, had purchased a Micromax Canvas 4 plus mobile phone with code SERMKOB 0533, IMEI/ESN No.911374001850442/911374001951448, for Rs.8,400/- with a warranty of one year from Big C Mobiles in Tirupati.

But very soon he found that the phone was bad and could not catch signals, and no outgoing calls. It was totally unusable.He complained to the shop and handed over the mobile to the Micromax service centre which returned it after 5 days, claiming that the problems had been sorted out. But to his dismay they were still there and the phone did not work. But twice more he had to take it to the service centre which returned it with the faults intact! When he had to give back the phone yet again, for the fourth time, the service centre neither repaired the mobile nor did they return it to him! This caused him severe irritation and he had to finally complain to the consumer forum. A legal notice sent to them also did not work!


The consumer forum President at Chittoor in Tirupati, SRI. M.RAMAKRISHNAIAH, found MicroMax in Delhi and Gurgao and the shop Big C. Mobiles in Tirupati guilty of deficiency in service and ordered them to repay Rs. 8400 to the buyer with Rs. 5000 as compensation for causing him annoyance and Rs. 2000 as costs.





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