Try out the lightweight Green Roofing from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon!

Roof and Wall Greening


Lightweight green roofing, a newer technology offers an exciting new choice for both gardeners and wildlife. It also helps the staggering environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

Research from Germany brought these green roofs into gardening. In the olden days this was done by primitive turf roofs on the mud houses of ancient Kurdistan. The grass sods were helpful in keeping out the heat. They were also used in Iceland and Scandinavia to keep out the bitter winter cold.


Now Germany’s new green roofs are lifted onto a higher plane. They are low maintenance and carry a light load so the roofs don’t need extra support.

The plants that work on them are drought resistant, and can survive in the thinnest layer of growing medium, spread meanly so they keep out weeds. Extensive greening is much cheaper, and better than the old traditional roof garden – and is wonderful for biodiversity!

The magic is that plants on the roof absorb water (acting like sponges copying mosses and lichens in the forest). This reduces storm-water runoff which causes flooding of the sewers, by a stunning 75 per cent!


The magic of this story is that this is not a new discovery. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (600 BC) were built in part to stem the annual flooding of the Tigris-Euphrates valley!


So consider this brand new option that the ancient magicians were already reaping advantages from!


From: The Natural Garden Handbook by Caroline Foley.DSCN5003

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  1. This is a great article!!! Thank you for producing a post about what plants to use on a green roof!

    However, please before you buy plants and soil your roof, make sure you have the right set up for green roofing. It is very important to the structure of your home and your greenery.

    We are a roofing company, here is a blog post about green roofs just to make sure you’re ready to go!


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