On that disintegrating morning….


If you are slowly disintegrating on a foul

Day when what you want is not happening

Then go out at once for that walk to bring

Back the box of white paper to slide inside

Each of the pages of the 70 vital books that

Had drowned in the deluge of rain last week

As you do something about what needs to be

Done, the strings of your tightened heart begin


To loosen. Then the walk will lead you straight

To that favourite grocery store where it gives

You permission, even bullies you like a wicked

Friend you must have, to pick up some of the

Exciting new popcorn, and pancakes that came


From America which you always wanted to try!

Then you can look at that tiny sliver of a packet

With blueberries from Netherland, costing 400 Rs.

Which would be enough to feed fresh fish to

Two cats for two weeks, so that is a no no, and


The spoonful of blueberries don’t look fresh!

So you instead pick up some pineapples to

Try out a pineapple cake or maybe juice and

You hurry home to begin to slide the paper

Inside each page of the Madhur Jaffrey cook

Book and find that inspite of having stayed


Wet in a shelf for almost a week, it is still in

A state of repair! As you skip through the

Meat and poultry recipes and reach the veggie

Section, you come upon a recipe for making

Yellow rice with cashewnuts and as you read it


You are already hungry and wanting to make it

At once and the hole in your chest, over that

Lost, swollen, sore grief, is knitting itself up

And the walk has dealt with the stiff, creaking

Bones of your inner gold casket which begins to

Put out tiny little ringlets rich with sweets of

Another kind, desserts of a different country

That is beginning to woo you to come visit!

DSCN5549 (1)FSCN4482


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