The Lost Brother in Netflix will feed your famished mind for creepy, bloodcurdling, eerie thrillers!


For those of us who love watching chilling, creepy thrillers, Netflix is the right Magic Box to have! Almost six months after getting it, I am still learning to navigate and realize that the more you dig inside its cavernous store, the more you will find!


And what I discovered recently was this awesome very dark, very icy, very unnerving Spanish thriller called The Lost Brother. If anyone has been waiting for the next Fargo television treat to arrive they can treat themselves to this really bloodcurdling literally bone cracking messy drama of greed, deceit, vicious cruelty and murder in a small shaky little town.

A lazy man who has left a Government job to just do nothing, has been called to a town where his estranged mother and brother have been brutally murdered. He falls willingly into the claws of the town’s ghastly thug to abet an insurance scam and make extra money.


The very good looking Spanish actor Leonardo Sbaraglia is totally unrecognizable as the dreadful crocodile in this very stylish thriller based on a book. No wonder he won the 2017 Malaga Film Festival award for this amazing caper! He, Daniel Hendler and others hold you in thrall with their very murderous doings. At times it is even a little difficult to take in such a sewer pit of mischievous malice and snaky venom.

DSCN2308 (1)




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