How to fight our water guzzlers!

The Water Guzzlers


Water disposal units are a two-way waste. They use energy and water (about 30 litres per day) and the food scraps they swallow up make valuable composting material!


Dishwashers are hungry water gobblers. They use up too much energy and rely on very harsh detergents! You could buy a water/energy efficient one, but to be a real friend of the planet, just do without one!

Running the tap when you prepare vegetables or other food is the worst way to waste precious water. Most of us do it without even thinking! Instead we can half fill the sink with water for these jobs and then use up that water for the plants!


Use the left over kitchen water from jugs and kettles, bowls and pots, to water the garden.

Take shorter showers as about 30 litres of water per minute rushes down the drain!



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