Kill Garden Pests with Chives Tea!

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Surprisingly easy Magic Killers of Garden Pests


Treat your garden pests to chives tea!

Cut some fresh chives from your garden in the early morning. Put them in a teapot and pour on boiling water. Let the tea steep for 15 minutes. Spray over mildew on gooseberries, cucumbers and other plants.

This works because chives are not attacked by any kind of mildew or fungus. Perhaps they have some quality which repels mildew which may help some other less resistant plants say Helen and John Philbrick in their book The Bug Book Harmless Insect Controls.


Another easy recipe for killing pests on trees and plants is fish oil soap they say. It is a wonderful wash for trees and plants where insects and eggs affect the bark. If you smear it on trunks of trees, it will stop worms from crawling up!




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