Grow your own food without a garden!

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Have you tried to grow food without a garden?


Here is one very easy way to grow healthy and tasty food indoors without a garden! Sprout the seeds of a variety of grains and beans. When a seed sprouts its food value increases enormously, providing you with a good source of vitamins – especially vitamin C and minerals.

Sprouts can be eaten fresh and are a good mix with salads, sandwiches and stir fries.


To sprout seeds you only need two jam jars, a couple of muslins squares, two rubber bands and a couple of ounces each of seeds like mung beans and sunflower seeds.

Wash the beans and put them in the jars.

Cover them with tepid water, then put the muslins over the tops of the jars, securing them with rubber bands.


Change the water twice a day, and stand the jars with their necks tilted downwards, leaving the seeds damp but not submerged.

The sprouts will be ready to eat in three to five days! Wash them and eat them fresh or add them to cucumber salad, or tomato, radish or any other salad.


Now you even get ready made sprout makers which will be even easier to use!



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