7 thoughts on “Solitude’s red island…

    1. Mary but he turned out to be such a brat! He grabbed my huge camera and would not return it and it has already fallen once and been repaired! so I urged him to return it and finally his father came and reluctantly retrieved it from him! He was very spoilt, like all Indian boys!

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      1. it was a shock! But the better part of the story is that the mother was at once upset with his naughtiness and called her husband urgently to rescue my camera which pleased me. Alas the father looked like I should have just given the brat my Nikon!

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    1. what a horror he is. I hope WordPress stands up to him. how dare he do this. just shows how guilty he is. is any religious person clean theses days Genie? I wonder. everywhere they target women and girls. awful. your photos are so delightful that if I had the jealousy snarl (which I don’t) I would be dead by now! what camera do you use?

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