Flipkart & Lenova India to pay Rs. 25000 to Davangere buyer for selling him a very ‘sick’ mobile!

Flipkart and Lenova India ordered to pay up Rs. 25,000 as compensation for severely sick and unwell mobile dumped on Davangere consumer!

DSCN4886 (1)

Mr. Basavaraj of Davangere had ordered a Lenova Vibe K 5 Note Mobile handset from Flipkart Services Chennai (Shreyas Retail Pvt. Ltd.) paying Rs. 11,999. The mobile had a one year warranty. But within a month it fell very sick! Its touch screen was faulty, sim detection was awry, it was hanging constantly, there was no connectivity, failure to identify network and the mic was not working!


He complained to FlipKart Services which fobbed him off on the Lenova Mobile Service Centres in Davangere and Bangalore. Both centres partly repaired the mobile but when he got it back it was as sick as before. He tried to get back his money but all three sellers turned their backs on him.

He finally complained to the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum in Chitradurga.


Its President T.N. Sreenivasaiah ruled in his judgement that the phone clearly had a manufacturing defect. He ordered Flipkart Services Chennai and the two Lenova centres to take back the sick mobile and refund Rs. 11,999 to Basavaraj. They have also been ordered to pay him Rs. 25000 as compensation for causing him agony due to their deficient services, and Rs. 5000 as court costs.


Daksha hathi




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