Make My Trip India Ltd. sends off a holiday maker to a hotel in China that no longer exists!


Dipanker Sen from Parganas in Kolkata made the mistake of choosing  a company called Make My Trip India Pvt. Ltd. to arrange his holiday trip to China. This firm arranges tours and travels for booking of hotels in China. The Complainant booked two hotels in the city of Shenzhen, China and Hangzhou, for his trip to China.

Make My Trip India  booked a hotel named Gold in Shenzhen City and also gav gave him confirmation of 2 rooms in the said hotel  and charged him Rs.5,734/-. On arriving at Shenzhen City in China, Dipankar was shocked to discover find that the said Gold Hotel against whom the booking was made by the Make My Trip India had been closed one year back!.

Being in a foreign country he found it very difficult to get alternative The Complainant was in foreign country and it was very difficult for him to find out an alternative accommodation then and there and faced lot of inconvenience to find out accommodation elsewhere. He tried to contact Make My Trip India but was not able to do so. They did not help him at all.


After Shenzhen the Complainant was destined for Hangzhou City where he booked the Hangzhou Hanma Holiday Inn in Hangzhou City through Make My Trip India and had paid up Rs. 9033 for two rooms. But he was in for another shock when he arrived at the Hangzhou Hanma Holiday Inn which told him that they had no ties with Make My Trip India which had not paid up money for his stay with them! He was again not helped by Make My Trip India.

He had to pay up extra money to this Inn so that he could stay there during his holiday! He returned home and complained to the Kolkata Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum against Make My Trip India alleging deficiancy of service, unfair trade practice, financial loss, mental agony and trauma in a foreign country.


The Kolkata consumer forum judge Sri Kamal De found Make My Trip India guilty of causing extreme harassment and fraud by taking money from the consumer for a hotel that had closed down!

The firm had the gall to claim that the case was not maintanable by law and that the complaint was frivolous. They blamed the hotels in China to be at fault but could not prove their case.

The Forum President Mr. Kamal De ruled that Book My Trip India is directed to refund to the Complainant an amount of Rs.14,767/- which it took for booking Hotels in China within one month from the date of this order.


Book My Trip India is also directed to pay an amount of Rs. 2 lacs – 50 percent of which to be paid to the Complainant and 50 percent to be paid to this Forum for indulging in unfair trade practice with the said stipulated period.

OP is also directed to pay an amount of Rs.10,000/- to the Complainant as Litigation Cost within the said one month..

Failure to comply with the order will result in Make My Trip India facing imprisonment.


Daksha Hathi



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