Magic Garden Remedies to check out!

Garden Magic has to be tried out!


I am always poking my nose inside those books that promise safe, sweet remedies to foil garden pests. The magic is in finding out whether they work! A couple of months ago I had put rusted iron bits inside my two remaining African Violet pots which had lost leaves as well as their little blue flowers. Now they have grown back their leaves, rather quickly but still have to get those blue flowers!

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Here are some new ones I gathered:

  1. To stop pigeons from ravaging your garden (it is difficult to scold pigeons as they are so sweet) place a plastic owl with a moveable head so that it moves in the wind and you will never be troubled by pigeons! They are afraid of owls, says this book The Buggy Professor’s Club the Bugs & Scare the Critters by Dr. Myles H. Bader!
  2. Since almost all birds hate to see their reflection in a mirror, you should glue down some mirrors so that when a bird lands on a flat surface, it will see itself and vanish he says.
  3. Nylon netting will also keep birds out of your flowers and vegetables.
  4. A tape recorder is another trick to try out.
  5. Place some balloons with helium in them and a face painted on the balloon to scare the blackbirds away.



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