Solitude is the journal that happiness writes….






Solitude is the memoir of

Our happiness of the tiny

Twinkles tucked away even

In The womb of our wounds


Under them happiness rests

To Quickly pens its memories

So we don’t kick life away!

It notes in green ink the shine

Of crinkly brown paper parcels

Packages Of plentiful surprises


Like lemonade that is always

available on hot summer days,

fat furry cats always snoozing


ginger baths that cure a back

ache within an hour and ginger tea

to murder your cold in 3 days

and white roses that nestle round

FSCN2060 (1)

even the noose strangling you, like

translucent tenderness on your side

and someone at least is speaking up

for bulls in the horrifying business

of bull fighting and cucumbers and

FSCN1707 (1)

tomatoes, baked potatoes and garlic

bread all ready to tuck into anytime

And thank heaven that this memoir

Of happiness always needs green

Ink to fill in its newest gratitude!






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