Make a Herbal-Vodka Breath Freshener

Make your own Vodka and Herbal Breath freshener!


  1. Steep any combination of these herbs in vodka! You can put upto several ounces of herbs per pint of vodka in a wide mouthed jar with a screw-on lid. You can choose eucalyptus, rosemary and spearmint. Cardamom has a nice flavor but it is expensive, says James A. Duke in his book The Green Pharmacy.
  2. Just leave the herbs in the vodka and let it steep indefinitely, he says. If you are making it for a friend you can strain out the herbs so it becomes nice and clear. But he likes to see the herbs floating around in his bottle of mouthwash!
  3. Parsley too is a great breath freshener. Munch some parsley after meals to be rid of bad breath.


  1. Anise too is a good mouth washer.
  2. You can try ginger, spearmint, nutmeg, lavender, basil, cinnamon, turmeric, lemon leaf and fennel.
  3. Peppermint tea is very good to fight halitosis.

FSCN1252 (1)

  1. Cloves also freshen the breath. Add several tablespoons to about a pint of vodka and steep for a few days to make a delicious mouthwash. Or brew a tea, says this writer.

From: The Green Pharmacy by James A. Duke, PH.D.


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