More energy is used in packaging many foods than in the foods themselves.

Unethical practices that harm our Planet


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  1. More energy is used in packaging many foods than in the foods themselves.
  2. The average item on sale in a supermarket has been transported 1,609 km. (1,000 miles.)
  3. The distribution of one kg. of apples airfreighted from New Zealand creates its own weight in CO2 emissions.
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So buy seasonal produce. You will be eating the freshest, tastiest fruit and vegetables. A strawberry eaten in winter is different from a fresh one in summer!

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Buy recycled: the more demand there is for recycled goods, the more the market will provide them. Look out for recycled options on everyday purchases such as toilet paper, glassware and dustbin liners.

Grow your own fruits and vegetables!



Ordinary egg shells are useful for planting indoors: break several so the halves are intact, place them in an empty egg carton, fill the shells with good soil and plant your seeds.

When the plants are ready to be transplanted, crack the shells around the roots and plant them – shell and all. The shells act as a slow release natural fertilizer, says Glenna Roberts Parkersburg, West Virginia.


Instead of buying plant stakes, use small straight, sturdy limbs that fall from trees. They are cheaper.

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