Safe gossip mongering with the Garden’s Green Witch!


Angels from that unforgiving time

When darkness smothers the vessel

Of hope come bearing tranquility and

Safe gossip mongering with the spinach

green witch about how to create that


prosperous planet from free medicines

collect kitchen scraps in a old canister

DSCN0342 (2)

& when full, take it outside, dig a hole

and feed it all your scraps, in a few weeks

go back to dig up your free black gold!

Then put two or three layers of newspapers

On your flower beds, cover with your

DSCN0333 (1)

Usual mulch and water. The bonus will

Be that the earthworms eat the paper,

And you will have more green soldiers

In your garden. Try to put three or four

Wheelbarrows full of leaves into an open


Compost bin and add a little red soil. A few

Months later you will have a wheelbarrow

Full of fresh, crumbly, magical black soil!

DSCN0342 (1)

I am not able to put a like note under any of the blogs I am now following. I just get the blog without those markings below to say 'like' what is happening? Please help

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