McVities Wholewheat Marie Biscuits mislead buyers….are hardly wholewheat!

consumer cheated by firm, Uncategorized

DSCN0894The Advertising Standards Council of India has found the claim made by United Biscuits P. Ltd. about its McVities Whole Wheat Marie to be made only of whole wheat to be false. It has pointed out that the biscuits are made of 50.9 per cent maida (all purpose flour) and the whole wheat is only 10.9 per cent!

Consumers are likely to be misled by this ad, it has said in its website. It has pulled up the company for its wrong claims.

United Biscuits P. Ltd. (Mcvities Whole wheat Marie): The CCC (Consumer Complaints Council) noted that “Whole Wheat Marie” does not appear to be an established or recognized industrywide category name. The predominant ingredient in the product is maida (50.9%) and the content of Wholewheat flour is 10.9%.

The product nomenclature is likely to mislead consumers regarding the contents. It was concluded that in the context of a biscuit having maida as predominant ingredient the packaging claim, “McVitie’s Wholewheat Marie”, is misleading by ambiguity and implication.


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