Introduce Baking Soda to your Roses!

 Roses & Baking Soda!


A 0.5 per cent solution of baking soda and water (3 teaspoons baking soda per gallon of water) sprayed on roses is a remedy for black spot and powdery mildew. (Based on research by R.K. Horst, professor of plant pathology at Cornell University).


Try insecticidal glue spray! Mix 4 fluid ounces (one half an average-sized bottle of glue) white glue in 1 gallon warm water. Spray the glue mixture on the twigs and leaves of infested fruit trees; soft-bodied bugs, like aphids, red spider mites, scale, and mealybugs, will all be killed. When the glue is dry, it will flake off with the dead insects. Repeat treatment in seven to ten days as necessary.


Don’t hog water! Clean your sidewalks with a broom, not with a hose!


From: Slug Bread & beheaded Thistles. Ellen Sandbeck


Remember that three thousand litres of water go into producing a kilo of sugar! 5,000 litres are needed to get an equivalent weight of rice or cheese to go to the table and a scary 20,000 litres go ino the same amount of coffee! From: Seven Years to Save the Planet by Bill McGuire.


What we can do is save water by rainwater harvesting, using water from washing vegetables and fruits, in the garden to water plants, and stop leakages at once. In India, in Government buildings, especially inside toilets water leaks horribly, frighteningly, from sinks and small taps, and no one cares a bit!




  1. Great tips and lovely photos, dear Daksha.

    It’s Genie,
    Just so you know, if anything happens to me because I wrote this factually true poem about a Smooth Criminal, wanna be muppet-guru, and his sexually assaulting me on a boat @ the Galápagos Islands, then at least I’ll have died being a truth teller.

    This fake “Sant” has had others assassinated, so I’m not being paranoid when I tell you that writing this could result in danger to my physical wellbeing.

    I’m leaving the link to my poem, in order to leave an electronic trail so that it will make it more difficult for the devil’s minion to attempt to end my life for exposing him for the tyrant and rapist that the wanna be muppet-guru is: the Devil working through his body.

    In fact, I’ve come to believe that, Rajinder Singh Duggal, is the prophesied Anti-Christ that the Bible speaks of as being the demon who professes to be Jesus incarnate, is actually the devil incarnate. But the people will believe his pack of lies…


    • Thank heaven Genie I read it here finally! this is too too worrying. This devil sounds like the twin brother of the creep that India has just imprisoned three days ago. He has raped so many girls in his various caves and ashrams that no one knows the extent of his villainy as they are unwilling to come out and expose him. But two little girls finally got the courage to do it with the help of a journalist who was soon after killed by this man’s servants. does this sound familiar?! so now he has got jail for twenty years and everyone is happy here. I wish someone would expose him there too. aren’t the journalists and cops willing to do something there? Please please remain safe and keep writing as much as possible. all that magic and those astounding photographs can’t go to waste over such a fiend. what a wicked wicked devil to have harmed you. the bastard and rotten rodent. please keep me informed of anything else that happens…love Daksha

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      • He’s a devil alright, not only did he sexually assault me, he recently hired a lawyer to do a takedown of my other blog: Lifestream

        But I could see it coming because he had his lawyer serve me a threatening and harassing notice, via email, but the PDF file had a virus in it and infected my iMac when I downloaded it, so I phoned her office and told her secretary (because the witch doesn’t answer calls!) and told her that I don’t accept legal documents via email due to the fact that her email PDF attachment had a virus in it and I had to get apple to help me completely clean my hard drive and then reload all of the software again,

        When this happened (after my computer was safe from viruses), I went and exported all of my work on Lifestream and imported it to this new blog that I made for backup, and sure enough, the demon had WordPress suspend my blog for “violation of terms”, which was all based on lies and perjury.

        Rajinder’s lawyer swore under oath that, my photos, which I took with my camera, of the model with the red dress/jacket combination, are the exclusive copyrights of Creative Imports dba Mac Duggal.


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