Go Enjoy Holidays takes 5 Mysore consumers to “hell’!

Holiday Trip to Singapore from Mysore becomes hellish with Go Enjoy Holidays!


Five hopeful holiday makers, had planned a four day trip to Singapore with Go Holiday Makers in Mysore which arranges national and international trips for consumers.


The five consumers: Pushpa Talawar, Radha, Govindaraju, Dasegowda B.S. and Vittal Talawar had paid up hefty amounts to Sri Bhaskar owner of the Go Enjoy Holidays for a package trip. They were promised a wonderful holiday with airport drop and pick up, hotel transport, hotel rooms, breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. and they paid up a total of Rs. 3,30,000 to Sri Bhaskar.


When they reached Singapore, they were dismayed to find that no one had come to pick them up from the airport. But the nightmare had only just begun. After paying up for their own cabs, they reached the hotel where no breakfast, lunch or dinner was provided.

They contacted Go Enjoy Holidays, but there was no response. Apparently Go Enjoy Holidays had vanished on a trip of its own! They then discovered that no entrance tickets had been provided to any of the sightseeing places for which they had already paid up Sri Bhaskar! Everything had to be paid for by them, for which they spent Rs. 1 lakh and more.

It is better to stay home sometimes!

On returning they complained to the Mysore Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum and the President, Mr. H.M. Shivakumara Swamy found Go Enjoy Holidays guilty of deficient service! His order said:

  • The opposite party is hereby directed to pay compensation of Rs.40,000/- to each of the complainant within 45 days from the date of this order.  Failing which, the said sum shall carry interest at 18% p.a. from the date of complaint i.e. 11.01.2017 till payment.  
  • The opposite party is hereby directed to pay in all totally Rs.1,40,400/- to all the complainants within 45 days from the date of this order.  Failing which the said sum of Rs.1,40,400/- shall carry interest at 12% p.a. from the date of complaint i.e. 11.01.2017 till payment.
  • Complainants are at liberty to share Rs.1,40,400/- + interest if any equally.
  • In case of default to comply this order, the opposite party to undergo imprisonment and also liable for fine under section 27 of the C.P.Act, 1986.
  • Give the copies of this order to the parties, as per Rules.
  • FSCN8164



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