Birla Sun Life Insurance firm tries to deprive widow of her claims

Birla Sun Life Insurance Company concocts false evidence of alcoholism to deprive widow of her claims and loses!


Too much catnip might get us into trouble too!

The late Inderpal Singh, from Chandigarh, India, had taken out an insurance policy from Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Mumbai and Rajasthan. When he died four months after he took the policy his widow Arvind Kaur submitted her claim to Birla Sun Life which rejected her claims on the grounds that their investigations had revealed that her husband had been a known alcoholic and had died of alcoholic liver disease and its complications. Since he had not disclosed this fact when he took the policy, Birla Sun Life was rejecting her claim.

The bereaved wife went in appeal to the consumer disputes redressal commission which found Birla Sun Life guilty of deficient service and ordered them to pay up Rs. 15,10,250 to the widow along with Rs. 11,000 as costs. They went in appeal to the State Commission which also dismissed their appeal.


Finally they approached the highest consumer forum, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in Delhi. Its President, Justice V.K. Jain investigated the evidence. He found that Birla Sun Life had produced photocopies of the records claiming to be from a Government Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh proving that the deceased had been an alcoholic and had died of this disease. But no official from the hospital appeared in any of the courts and the photocopies produced by Birla Sun Life were not certified, or proven by any official from the hospital! They were unverified, unauthenticated and unattested! Justice V.K. Jain rejected the claim of the insurance company and ordered it to pay up Rs. 15,10,250 to the widow, along with costs of Rs. 11,000.

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