Banish ants without killing them….

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How to get rid of ants without killing them!


Here is a method you can try for getting rid of ants in your garden without killing them. You will need:

One fourth pound of dried peppermint (from health food store),

One fourth pound rock dust (from nursery)

One fourth pound seaweed powder (from garden supply)

One fourth pound alfalfa meal (organic, from health food store)

One fourth pound cayenne pepper.


Place all ingredients in a well-sealed jar or plastic container and shake well to mix. Avoid getting any of the powder on your hands or in your eyes. Use a small amount of the powder where the ants frequent. This will keep them away but not kill them. Keep away from pets and children.


Getting rid of ant hills: one fourth cup of liquid hand soap. One gallon of cool tap water. Place the ingredients into a bucket and mix well, then pour 1-2 cups on the anthill and repeat after 1 hour to be sure the mixture penetrates deep into the chambers.


From: Club the bugs & Scare the Critters. Dr. Myles H. Bader.


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