Lemonade and Ants?

Kill ants in lawns with coffee grounds


Kill ants in lawns by pouring one pound coffee grounds in one quart boiling water over the anthill. A very big anthill may require a larger amount of coffee and hot water.


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Pull up the draw bridge: If the ants are already in your house, put your pot of honey and pet food dishes in bowls of water to make anti-ant moats. A little dish soap in the moat water helps!

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Equal parts of dry baking soda and powdered sugar will kill ants.


Treat your ants to lemonade! Blend citrus peels with water, strain, and put in a spray bottle, or put a little citrus solvent in a spray bottle of water. These citrus sprays will kill the ants.

From: Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles. Ellen Sandbeck.



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